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It is important not to contact n° 1733 or n° 112 or to go to the hospital without contacting a general  practitioner.

I am available at any moment for a consultation via phone.

Here is the way to follow :

1/ contact me by phone or send me a SMS

2/ if I don’t immediately answer, send a SMS instead of leaving a recorded message

3/ I will contact you as soon as possible following the list of received phone calls

4/ we will have a contact by phone which implies that I will have to open a file if you don’t have one,

this consultation is entirely supported by your sickness fund.


Recommendations CORONAVIRUS 09/03/2020

If you have any symptoms like a flu it is recommended not to go to the doctor but contact him by phone.

You may contact Dr Mernier by text 0475902821, she will call you back.

Thank you for your understanding.